Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Noisy Blog

I'm eating my breakfast, and my housemates are either at work, sleeping or travelling, so I thought it was high time I wrote a new blog to keep me entertained, whilst trying not to get porridge on my laptop. (Porridge with chocolate spread mixed in, if you're wondering, I usually add raisins too, but I forgot this morning... I don't know why.)

I thought I would make a list of my favourite sounds. I don't know why that, either. It might be useful for my writing one day, but otherwise it's just quite nice to dwell on things that I like. So hooray :)

1. The ping of the microwave, because it means that food is ready

2. The noise my dog makes when he's chasing something in his dream, it makes me laugh

3. The sound of my fingers tapping quickly at my keyboard; it means that I'm either doing some really good writing, doing a great essay or, most likely, writing something completely unimportant but totally exciting on Facebook.

4. The sound of someone knocking on the door when you don't expect it; it either means the postman has a parcel for one of us (hopefully food or films) or you have a surprise visitor. I love this.

5. The sound of rain on the roof of the conservatory at my parents' house. It's just amazing. Especially if I'm snuggled up on the sofa in there with a blanket and a book.

6. The sound of slamming shut a really good book. I just like it.

7. My alarm when it goes off on a day when something really exciting is happening.

8. The noise it makes when you push the lid onto the box of a board game too quickly.

9. The slap of flip flops on the pavement in summer.

10. The noise it makes when you pull a suction pad off of tile... I think that has to be the best noise ever. I'm 21 and I still haven't gotten over how fantastic it is.

Also, note to self: If you run out of milk, go to the shop and buy some more. Porridge made with water is not very nice.


  1. Nice sounds :) Especially number 5. Not sure I agree with 6, I mean, it's like a bittersweet moment, in one sense, yes, great to feel that you've finished something, yet also sad seeing as you wont be able to continue in that magical bliss of the world of that book. (even if it's in 'our' world it's only semi-real and still an illusion/duplicate of ours and therefore a different world).
    Also, alarms going off... never a good thing. :p If there's enough excitement happening the next day it should be incredibly hard to fall asleep and it should be impossible to not wake up in time. That said... an alarm is always a good safety net.

  2. Yeah, cuddling up with books in the rain is one of my favourite things :)
    I know what you mean, I do always feel sad when I finish a book, because it's not the same reading it a second time round. There's something delicious in not knowing what's going to happen. But I love the sense of achievement... and just the sound when you slam a really big book shut. I think I meant to write 'big' rather than 'good' actually... fail.
    And no, I don't suppose you would like alarms, but I'm a morning person, and you aren't :) And I can ALWAYS fall asleep! (usually!) haha :)
    Might check out your blog some time.

  3. The sense of achievement is awesome. :)
    I'm not the best at falling asleep. Too many thoughts happen right at that instance when you start trying. Worry for the next day, reflection on the day, or daydream away into a different dimension etc... But I more like meant when you're excited/nervous about something it's even more difficult, did you never have a terribly troublesome time (note the alliteration here.. :D) trying to fall asleep as child the night before Christmas or your Birthday because you were just so excited?
    Haven't really updated my blog in ages... and the real one would be but yeah. Should update it really.. It's not as personal as yours though. Just stories mainly. :)

  4. I know what you mean, I definitely think too much! I always used to struggle getting to sleep before I became a Christian, but not so much nowadays, unless I have something I'm really worried about. But yeah.... I STILL can't sleep the night before my birthday or Christmas! Daydreaming is my favourite though :)
    Love the alliteration!
    OK I'll check it out... btw I love the picture of your castle, it reminds me of the Cinderella castle, it my daydreams, that's where I live :)

    How great is that??

  5. Nice castle :D
    I didn't make mine though, some follower did a while back, and the black creature with a bow (Naichar) was made by another friend inspired by my story (of course ;). So can't take credit for any of it.
    The cinderalla castle was cool, loved the rainbow. Definitely awesome. :D

  6. I know, I just Googled 'cinderella castle' and that's what came up... I definitely want to move in!